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    June 8, 2020 at 2:30 am

    What I learned from your sermon was that even though I like & love people who are black there is still prejudice within me that comes from a system set up long before I was born. Just as I came into the world & there was air – so too there was the prejudice system. As though no one escapes it I believe prejudice (pre-judge) is fear. So another take away from your sermon was – just because I have people in my life who are near and dear to me and are black doesn’t mean I don’t have fear or judgment wired through me.
    I’m inspired to want to go deeper within myself & grow beyond what it is I don’t know. It was enlightening to hear from the perspective of “Calling in White”. I was roommates with a black woman some years back. I see now I wasn’t listening. I thought she was stuck in the past when she would share stories of prejudice. I see now my experiences were limited. Thank you for this opportunity for growth.
    I love you Pastor Catherine. [from Eileen – email address protected]