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July 12, 2020  Hello.  Consider the words below from author, Brooks Harrington.   

“The dominant narrative [of our American society] teaches that …failing to be merciful, or even being aggressively merciless, is not unjust. It is just “business”. It’s not “personal”.
    “To be too merciful — to give people too much too often of what they are not due — undermines the justice and integrity of the competition. More than occasional mercy would make people less self-reliant, would undermine their work ethic, and would reduce the productivity and efficiency of this system. The dominant narrative teaches that rendering only what people are due is critical to achieving excellence.”
    “Within this narrative, human beings are only motivate to work hard by selfishness and greed for things and personal pleasure, not by the common good or by the needs of the suffering and vulnerable.  But in truth the startling lines of the competition for stuff and pleasure are segregated, with one set of competitors up front and with many, many more competitors starting miles behind or not even allowed onto the same track in the same stadium.
[From: No Justice, No Mercy: The Dominant Narrative of America versus The Counter-Narrative of Jesus’ Parables]
Brooks Harrington is a former Marine infantry author, a criminal prosecutor in Wash. D.C., a litigator in private practice, an ordained United Methodist elder, and he pastor of an inner city church.


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