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October 10, 2020 

I'm reflecting on these poetic and pastoral words shared in L.B. Cowman's devotional 'Streams in the Desert'

 "Carrying his own cross." John 19:17  


You see, God knows best what cross we need to bear, and we never know how heavy someone else’s cross may be. We envy someone who is rich, with a cross of gold adorned with jewels, but we do not know how heavy it is. We look at someone whose life seems so easy and who carries a cross covered with flowers. Yet if we could actually test all the crosses we think are lighter than ours we would never find one better suited for us than our own…

(Glimpses through Life’s Windows)


If you with impatience, give up your cross, You will not find it in this world again; nor in another, but here and here alone is given for you to suffer for God’s sake.


In the next world we may more perfectly love Him and serve Him, praise Him,
grow nearer and nearer to Him with delight.


Can you not suffer, one hour or two?

Do you not think that some emotion of regret would overcome you? 

But then we will not anymore be called to suffer, which is our assignment here.


If He should call you from your cross today, saying, “It is finished – the hard cross of yours from which you pray for deliverance,”


You would say,

“So soon? Let me go back and suffer yet awhile more patiently. I have not yet praised God.”


So whenever it comes, that summons we all look for, it will seem soon, too soon.

Let us take heed in life tha God may NOW be glorified in us.


(UGO BASSI’S Sermon in a Hospital


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