About Us

Many people like you want their faith in God to inform and strengthen them for life’s decisions and demands. Mechanical religion or unplugged belief just doesn’t cut it when put to life’s tests. Well, some people have found Hill Memorial Baptist Church in Allston to be a fortifying spiritual home where they can learn how to trust God for peace and guidance on the journey. Our strength is rooted in the Holy Bible through which we believe God chose to reveal His truth to us in the person of Jesus Christ. We aim to bring glory to God individually and as a community. So…what does it actually mean for a person and a local church to bring glory to God? Such religious or “churchy” language can seem vague and maybe even useless to a person trying to find purpose in life, or another who is struggling on the faith journey, or maybe even to a person who is active in a church. We all have questions and so we should! Questions like this make for interesting Bible-based discussions, which Pastor Catherine really enjoys facilitating!


Here at “The Hill”, we are invested in continually learning about God’s nature through His Word so we can truly embrace God’s love and grace ourselves. Then we purpose to share God’s authentic love and grace to all people, whether friend or stranger. We do this not only in words but in action! We also enjoy praying, worshipping, and studying the Bible together which keeps us in sync with His Holy Spirit, so that our hearts remain open and honest before God.


We are a small, mission-oriented church trusting Jesus Christ as He renews our ministry. We give to grass-roots organizations locally as well as through ABC-USA’s national/international initiatives. We are a fun group of people from different backgrounds, ages and worldviews who do not take ourselves too seriously!


Won’t you join us? Our service is at 11:00 a.m. each Sunday morning. We’re conveniently located on North Harvard Street in North Allston, right on the #66 bus route.

God’s love is for everyone who turns to Him with an open heart and we welcome every person seeking a spiritual home.


Wherever you are or are not on your spiritual journey, you are welcome at The Hill in Allston!


Hill Memorial Baptist Church Rev. Catherine M. Miller, Pastor
279 No. Harvard Street Allston, MA 02134 617-782-4524  https://www.thehillinallston.org/