Are you looking for something?

Most of us are. And, some of us have found a spiritual home at Hill Memorial Baptist Church in Allston. We’re conveniently located on North Harvard Street in North Allston, right on the #66 bus route.

We find our source of spiritual strength in the Holy Bible, through which we believe God has revealed His Truth to us in the person of Jesus Christ. Our goal is to bring glory to God, in our individual lives and as a faith community. But what does it actually mean for a person or a local church to bring glory to God? Such religious or “churchy” language can seem vague and maybe even useless to a person trying to find purpose in life, or another who is struggling on the faith journey, or maybe even to a person who is active in a church. We all have questions and so we should!

Such questions like: “What does it mean to glorify God?” make for an interesting Bible discussion, which Pastor Catherine enjoys facilitating!

Here at “The Hill” we have learned that God is glorified when we make a spiritual investment and learn more and more about God’s nature through His Word, so we can truly embrace God’s love ourselves and sincerely reflect that love to all people, whether friend or stranger. We are ordinary people from different backgrounds and worldviews, taking life day by day. What we have in common is our reliance upon the Holy Spirit who helps us to keep that open line of communication with God, through prayer, worship and spending time with each other opening up His Word. (Ephesians 3:14-21)

We further increase our understanding of the love that God has shown to us in Jesus Christ by hearing relevant preaching that integrates biblical principals; by seeking to grow in our personal relationship with God; and by putting our faith into practice in our personal relationships and in the world around us.

God’s love is for everyone who turns to Him with an open heart and we welcome every person seeking a spiritual home.

Won’t you join us? Our service is at 11:00 a.m. each Sunday morning.

Wherever you are or are not on your spiritual journey, you are welcome at The Hill!